About Kubal

M/S. K. T. KUBAL & CO. PVT. LTD., has been founded by Late SHRI. KRISHNAJI TUKARAM KUBAL, eminent industrialist, who had an excellent vision of pickles and spices industry. Processing of Pickles and spices commercially 9 decades back was a great challenge as almost all the house wives used to prepare their own pickles and spices at home by adopting their own methods. He anticipated that the women would have to play dominant role in the near future, not only to look after their own houses but also to participate in commercial activities, therefore they would be going in for ready made food to save time which would include a great demand for ready made pickles and spices.

This thought of the founder came true as can be seen from the expansion of our own industry in particular and pickles industry in general as well during the last 6 decades continuous research and development is being undertaken by the company to maintain high standard quality of pickles and spices. As a result of continuous research being undertaken by the company has developed spices for preparing tasty dishes. Speical Meat Masala / Biryani Masala / Chicken Masala & Pani Puri Masala.

The company is also making steady improvement in packaging and presentation of its products to complete in the International Markets. In view of the quality of pickles/spices being maintained continuously. Kubal’s flag is towering sky high in the National and International Markets. “KUBAL” means quality pickles and spices.

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